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Revelation of the Method Part 2 – Hidden in Plain Sight

4 months ago

2590 words

All esoteric subjects of study are inherently rabbit holes.  In fact I would venture to guess that all occult scholars start out as people studying one theology or discipline and slowly come to realise that when they fully begin to understand the underlying concepts behind that discpline, it’s tenants are easily recognisable in all others.…

The Spectre of a Paedophile Prime Minister

4 months ago

630 words

It is now some 4 years since the true horror of the Haute de la Geranne boys school in Jersey was fully revealed. In the wake of the Savile revelations, a terrible story became somehow even worse, as it was shown that a large number of influential individuals were using the relative judicial impunity of…

Externalising the Hierarchy in Ireland

5 months ago

680 words

The Freemasonic influence in Ireland is something thats so overbearingly blatant that it often escapes attention purely by virtue of being such an accepted open secret. In the various musings on this page about Irish history I have mostly gone into the occult mythological history, the Tuatha De Dannan and the astrotheological cult of Druidic…

Crimes of the Saxa-Gotha-Coburg: The Dutroux Case and the Mothers of Darkness

5 months ago

995 words

If you want to know how Saxa-Gotha-Coburg pedophile rings keep politicians in check in Britain, then check out the BBC exposing how the Saxa-Gotha-Coburg paedophile ring kept politicians in check in Belgium after the Michel Nihoul and Marc Dutroux case led all the way back to Chateu De Amerois back in the late 90’s.  

The Giants of Mythology and their Historical Counterparts

9 months ago

725 words

Obviously if you’ve spent any small amount of time clicking around the links on this site you will have no doubt noticed one of my favorite areas of research is comparative mythology and the ubiquitous appearance of ‘giants’ in historical and mythological accounts of almost every civilisation on the planet. For me, I distinctly remember…

We Need To Talk About: Satanism

9 months ago

677 words

As a dyed in the wool agnostic, but also an avid researcher of history and politics, I’ve often found it difficult to find the appropriate words to characterise those at the top of the pyramid in the era since the western enlightenment up until the modern day. It’s obvious that theological concerns we’re paramount in…

Johnny Rotten Didn’t Change, You Did

3 months ago

511 words

  Sorry Kids, Punk has always been about establishment decentralization, fighting globalised corporatism and highlighting the absurdity and ineffectiveness of whoever your chosen guru’s special systems are by generally, and gleefully, fucking with the hierarchy. For example, if you choose to wear a piece of cloth around your neck as a masonic noose in order…

Revelation of the Method; Seeding Ritual into Society

7 months ago

3457 words

So the main question i get when talking about this stuff is, whats going on in the entertainment industry? The idea that certain artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z and Beyonce are involved in the ‘Illuminati’ and use their symbolism and thematic imagery all over their videos has become a meme in itself. So why…

Moving the Pawns: How the Banking System Seeks to Undermine the EU Referendum

8 months ago

1560 words

The banks are a criminal cartel. They relied on the consolidation of the single market to run their fiat fractional reserve central banking ponzi scam under the Europe wide protectionism of the EU. The ability to cut out negotiations with 28 separate nations states, each with their own GDP, market strengths and cultural biases by…

The ‘Big Lie’

9 months ago

265 words

“The ‘Big Lie’ (German: große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.””